Using Regular Expressions for sub strings in Excel

Ever wanted to extract a sub string from a cell in Microsoft Excel using a Regular expression? Here’s a Visual Basic snippet that will do just that. Function getRegexGroup(inRegex As String, inValue As String, inGroup As Integer) Set myRegExp = … Continue reading

How to query Microsoft Excel with SQL

There have been a few occasions in the office where someone has presented me with an Excel Workbook which really should be a database; multiple sheets, all referring to another and a question like “I need to know the Sum … Continue reading

Show only successors to a selected task in Microsoft Project

I’ve frequently wanted to quickly show all the tasks which are dependant on another from within Microsoft Project but have never found a quick was and easy way using stock the tools. The following is a snippet of Visual Basic … Continue reading

Showing parallel tasks in Microsoft Project

Whilst working in Microsoft Project, I often want to know what tasks are running in parallel to one another. I’ve never found how to do this using inbuilt functions so I wrote a Macro to do it for me. To … Continue reading

WordPress Android client fails with xmlrpc.php error

If you’re trying to use an Android (or IPhone) Client to connect a self-hosted WordPress blog and you receive the following error; here’s something that might resolve it: – Could not connect. Please enter the full path to xmlrpc.php on … Continue reading

Use your sub-domain for a home server without having a static IP address

A while ago I was setting up a Ventrilo server for a few friends and I to use when playing online games. My Internet provider doesn’t give a static IP address, so I’d need to use a DDNS service to … Continue reading

Fix a corrupted media library on Android

I’ve had 3 occasions now where my Android’s Media Library has become corrupted. It’s manifested once as forced crashes of any Media playing application and twice as duplicate songs showing in the library (the duplicate not playable). To resolve the … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese à la Rob

Spaghetti Bolognese has got to be my favourite meal. I’ve tried quite a few recipes over the years but, after much experimentation, this has to be the best. I use a food processor to speed things up, but you can … Continue reading

How to de-stress managing lots of work with Remember the Milk

Staying on top of tasks required to keep work moving can be daunting. We’re in a fast-paced culture and things are only getting faster; several parallel projects are run at once, all requiring various deliverables at different degrees of detail. … Continue reading