Android freezing or hanging after updating to 4.3?

I upgraded my Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 last week and since then it has quite frequently hung or frozen for 3-5 seconds randomly. Seems I’m not the only one to experience this but never fear, a factory reset fixed … Continue reading

Google Location Reporting: Is Big Brother tracking you?

Ever wondered how much Big Brother is watching you? Android has some in-built Location Reporting services which, when turned on, monitor where you are every hour of the day. Wondered where you were at 2pm 3 month ago, or how … Continue reading

WordPress Android client fails with xmlrpc.php error

If you’re trying to use an Android (or IPhone) Client to connect a self-hosted WordPress blog and you receive the following error; here’s something that might resolve it: – Could not connect. Please enter the full path to xmlrpc.php on … Continue reading

Fix a corrupted media library on Android

I’ve had 3 occasions now where my Android’s Media Library has become corrupted. It’s manifested once as forced crashes of any Media playing application and twice as duplicate songs showing in the library (the duplicate not playable). To resolve the … Continue reading

“Android OS” draining battery

Just recently I’ve been having incredibly poor battery performance from my Galaxy S2. For the last few weeks I’ve attributed it to lots of data traffic, all of which was rolling up under the OS. It was only after spending … Continue reading

Syncing your Music Library to an Android Phone – Wireless

When I first posted about how to sync an Android music library, I couldn’t find any decent rsync clients on the Android store. That’s all changed now that I stumbled across the rsync backup for Android app. I’ve now got … Continue reading

Syncing your Music Library to an Android Phone – Wired

My most recent geeky purchase has been to cast away my now 2 year old IPhone 3GS for a spanking new Android-based Samsung Galaxy S2. So far, I’m very impressed! One particular pain point though in moving from an iTunes … Continue reading