Rotational Backups with Bittorrent Sync and Rsync

I wrote a post last year on how to implement rotational backups, it worked great until I moved my backups to a VPS. The problem was that in my previous implementation, I had other users RSYNCing their backups through their own SSH … Continue reading

Implementing rotational backups

Backups seem to be the main theme I’m posting about at the moment and the next on my agenda was to get proper rotational backups implemented. “Proper” meaning incremental (only data being exchanged between client and server is that which … Continue reading

Implement a remote backup solution at home with rsync

Ensuring that your important data is safe and secure is important in the modern age, yet most people that I know (even the tech savvy ones) don’t create backups. I have a few backup solutions at home to ensure that … Continue reading