The difference between a Voice, Image, Requirement and Solution

Requirements are, arguably, the most important aspect of providing a solution to your customer. They are used consistently through every phase of a project. Despite their importance though, it’s not uncommon for any sentence written down by a customer, team … Continue reading

Sick of having to update VLOOKUP formulas with a new Index after inserting another column?

The third parameter to the V/HLOOKUP functions in Microsoft Excel take the column index from the table array to return. For years I specified this parameter by counting the columns and hard-coding the number, which is a pain if a … Continue reading

How to do multiple criteria VLOOKUPs in Excel

One of the most powerful features within Excel are the LOOKUPS (VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP), they allow you pull values from other parts of the work book (or other work books) based on some lookup criteria. Here’s a quote from the Excel … Continue reading

Using Regular Expressions for sub strings in Excel

Ever wanted to extract a sub string from a cell in Microsoft Excel using a Regular expression? Here’s a Visual Basic snippet that will do just that. Function getRegexGroup(inRegex As String, inValue As String, inGroup As Integer) Set myRegExp = … Continue reading

How to query Microsoft Excel with SQL

There have been a few occasions in the office where someone has presented me with an Excel Workbook which really should be a database; multiple sheets, all referring to another and a question like “I need to know the Sum … Continue reading

Show only successors to a selected task in Microsoft Project

I’ve frequently wanted to quickly show all the tasks which are dependant on another from within Microsoft Project but have never found a quick was and easy way using stock the tools. The following is a snippet of Visual Basic … Continue reading

Showing parallel tasks in Microsoft Project

Whilst working in Microsoft Project, I often want to know what tasks are running in parallel to one another. I’ve never found how to do this using inbuilt functions so I wrote a Macro to do it for me. To … Continue reading

How to de-stress managing lots of work with Remember the Milk

Staying on top of tasks required to keep work moving can be daunting. We’re in a fast-paced culture and things are only getting faster; several parallel projects are run at once, all requiring various deliverables at different degrees of detail. … Continue reading

WordPress Widget for Ventrilo

I’ve recently developed a pretty flexible, basic, WordPress Widget for showing a Ventrilo server status. It’s written in PHP, is Object Orientated and uses XML style sheets (XSLT) to allow for easy customisation of the look and feel. A while … Continue reading

Implementing rotational backups

Backups seem to be the main theme I’m posting about at the moment and the next on my agenda was to get proper rotational backups implemented. “Proper” meaning incremental (only data being exchanged between client and server is that which … Continue reading