The difference between a Voice, Image, Requirement and Solution

Requirements are, arguably, the most important aspect of providing a solution to your customer. They are used consistently through every phase of a project. Despite their importance though, it’s not uncommon for any sentence written down by a customer, team … Continue reading

WordPress Widget for Ventrilo

I’ve recently developed a pretty flexible, basic, WordPress Widget for showing a Ventrilo server status. It’s written in PHP, is Object Orientated and uses XML style sheets (XSLT) to allow for easy customisation of the look and feel. A while … Continue reading

Implementing rotational backups

Backups seem to be the main theme I’m posting about at the moment and the next on my agenda was to get proper rotational backups implemented. “Proper” meaning incremental (only data being exchanged between client and server is that which … Continue reading

Developing an online collaborate KJ tool with Google’s Web Toolkit and App Engine

The Problem Last year I was participating in a Six Sigma project that was focused on requirement elicitation and risk reduction. One of the tools we were advised to run was a KJ (also known as an affinity diagram); a method of … Continue reading

eMatrix Server Monitor

This was a tool that I developed within my own time to support activities targeting some odd behaviour within our Production eMatrix environments. It’s basically a dashboard view of the production floor, combining various tools to make the following information … Continue reading