Syncing your Music Library to an Android Phone – Wireless

When I first posted about how to sync an Android music library, I couldn’t find any decent rsync clients on the Android store. That’s all changed now that I stumbled across the rsync backup for Android app. I’ve now got incremental Music syncing across Wireless working.

The reason I discarded this app the first time round was it’s reference to the dropbear SSH server; I though the app was dependant on having this SSH server implemented but it only needs the SSH keys in dropbear format – silly me.

You can just set up rysnc as normal, ensure you’ve got an SSH server up and running with suitable permissions to read the Library, generate the SSH key as described here, then dump the settings into the app, making sure you tick “rsync in reverse direction”.

I used the following rsync options:

-rltDhv –progress –delete –force –modify-window=1 –exclude=desktop.ini –chmod=Du+rwx,go-rwx,Fu+rw,go-rw –no-perms

This will ensure that the Library on the Droid is always kept the same as that on the rsync server (the master). If you want the libraries to be different, drop out the –delete tag. I also excluded the desktop.ini files as there’s no need to sync these and they’re in every folder (as the Library is originally coming from a Windows machine).

When first setting up, you might want to add the -n flag, this won’t actually make any changes but will perform a “dry-run”. When you’re happy with the output in the console window, drop off the the -n and it’ll start pulling files.

To top it off, there’s also Tasker integration, so you can schedule a sync to occur on lots of conditions; plugged in an charging, in range of my home wireless and it’s 3am, for example.

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