Automatically add tagged Facebook photos to Google+ Albums (picasa)

Ever wanted to automatically add any pictures you’ve been tagged in on Facebook to your Google+ Albums? IFTTT (if this then that) can do this for you in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Enable e-mail uploads to albums

In the Picasa settings enable “email upload” and set a unique secret word. Make a note of the email address

Step 2: Create an account at

Step 3: Create the Recipe

  1. For this select “Facebook”
  2. Then Select “You are tagged in a photo”
  3. Create a trigger and set that to “Gmail”
  4. Choose “send an email”
  5. In the “to address” enter the unique mail from Step 1.
  6. Create the Action

From now on, whenever you’re tagged in a photo, the image will be added to a “Dropbox” album in Google+.

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