Mercurial Clone – abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

When running Mercurial version 2.6.3 on my remote repo hosted over Apache, I could browse, download tar, view tags etc. but when cloning, consistently got a 500 error. C:\Users\Rob\Documents> hg clone LocalWorkspace http authorization required realm: Mercurial Repository user: … Continue reading

Monitoring Linux disk usage and notifying when it’s low

I’ve a couple of Linux servers that I don’t particularly pay much attention to monitoring manually but really don’t want to run out of disk space. The following is a little shell script that sends a message to my Phone … Continue reading

How to backup Googlemail in Linux

I’m uncomfortable with several year’s worth of my email sitting only on Google’s servers, especially when they have lost data before. If anything every goes wrong, I want to be able to restore all my data or move providers. I … Continue reading

Implementing rotational backups

Backups seem to be the main theme I’m posting about at the moment and the next on my agenda was to get proper rotational backups implemented. “Proper” meaning incremental (only data being exchanged between client and server is that which … Continue reading

Syncing your Music Library to an Android Phone – Wireless

When I first posted about how to sync an Android music library, I couldn’t find any decent rsync clients on the Android store. That’s all changed now that I stumbled across the rsync backup for Android app. I’ve now got … Continue reading

Syncing your Music Library to an Android Phone – Wired

My most recent geeky purchase has been to cast away my now 2 year old IPhone 3GS for a spanking new Android-based Samsung Galaxy S2. So far, I’m very impressed! One particular pain point though in moving from an iTunes … Continue reading

Implement a remote backup solution at home with rsync

Ensuring that your important data is safe and secure is important in the modern age, yet most people that I know (even the tech savvy ones) don’t create backups. I have a few backup solutions at home to ensure that … Continue reading