Mercurial Clone – abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

When running Mercurial version 2.6.3 on my remote repo hosted over Apache, I could browse, download tar, view tags etc. but when cloning, consistently got a 500 error. C:\Users\Rob\Documents> hg clone LocalWorkspace http authorization required realm: Mercurial Repository user: … Continue reading

Monitoring Linux disk usage and notifying when it’s low

I’ve a couple of Linux servers that I don’t particularly pay much attention to monitoring manually but really don’t want to run out of disk space. The following is a little shell script that sends a message to my Phone … Continue reading

WordPress Android client fails with xmlrpc.php error

If you’re trying to use an Android (or IPhone) Client to connect a self-hosted WordPress blog and you receive the following error; here’s something that might resolve it: – Could not connect. Please enter the full path to xmlrpc.php on … Continue reading

Use your sub-domain for a home server without having a static IP address

A while ago I was setting up a Ventrilo server for a few friends and I to use when playing online games. My Internet provider doesn’t give a static IP address, so I’d need to use a DDNS service to … Continue reading

WordPress Widget for Ventrilo

I’ve recently developed a pretty flexible, basic, WordPress Widget for showing a Ventrilo server status. It’s written in PHP, is Object Orientated and uses XML style sheets (XSLT) to allow for easy customisation of the look and feel. A while … Continue reading